An Osteopathic revolutionary natural face lift method :

We all seek to offer our face a smoother, fresher, healthier and younger look. There are different methods to do so. Some of them are more or less barbarian like facelifts or toxin injections in the facial muscles, or their effectiveness is questionable as it is for the daily spread of “anti-aging” creams.

However, there is a much more obvious, simple, natural and reliable method to remain young : the Claude-Storz method.

Fabien Claude-Storz is an osteopath. His work « tools » are his hands and his excellent knowledge of anatomy.
It is using these only tools that he has developed his absolutely bluffing, 100% natural and effective method of rejuvenation.

« The face is the only area of ​​the body where muscles and skin are attached. Manually stimulating the muscle to make it gain strength and flexibility seemed like an obvious way to smoothen wrinkles naturally. It is so much more logical than to paralyze the muscle with botox … »

Over the years the muscles of the face lose their mobility. Fabien Claude-Sorz’s method of fingerpuncture helps stimulate blood circulation in the muscles and reactivate “sleepy” subcutaneous tissues. The facial muscles are retoned and immediately strengthened.
Right after the session, the blood flow in the face is so important that the skin remains slightly pink for a couple hours. The result is instantaneous : an instant mini facelift. The skin is tightened, the face is plumped, the patients feel like they have been “photoshoped”! It is quite surprising.
Throughout the sessions, the facial features are smoothened and wrinkles visibly diminish. In parallel, oily or dry skins tend to normalise.

« Every facial muscle has a control point. I just boost it to help the muscle fortify itself naturally. I work on these strategic points for half an hour. It is not painful, but it has nothing to do with a facial at the spa … I stimulate each muscle very deeply… »

The results are very different from those obtained with a surgical facelift. They are much better! Especially in the long term.
Indeed, the osteopath does not just make his patients look younger artificially. “It’s a true rejuvenation. Not an illusion. This is exactly like when you compare the bodies of two 40 year-old women, one sport, the other not. The active women’s body IS younger. It is obvious, and there is nothing artificial about it. »

Face wrinkles, forehead wrinkles

Aging face muscles tend to become lazy. They move less and less, and the skin attached to them tends to drop and develop wrinkles, lines and furrows. The severity of these changes in an individual depends on genetics, skin phototype and exposure to environmental factors.

Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons often use classification when describing these aging changes.

Mild – Few wrinkles
Moderate – Early wrinkling
Advanced – Persistent wrinkling
Severe – Severe wrinkling and furrows, make-up can not hide the aging changes

The Fitzpatrick classification of facial lines refers to the degree of wrinkling around the mouth and eyes :

Class I : Fine wrinkles
Class II : Fine-to-moderately deep wrinkles and moderate number of lines
Class III : Fine-to-deep wrinkles, numerous lines, and possibly redundant folds

How do facial lines and wrinkles form ?

Facial wrinkles and lines form because of the following factors :- Aging processes- Sun damage- Acne- Gravity- Surgery- Injury- Smoking- There is often a degree of asymmetry to the lines, as people tend to smile or frown more on one side than the other, or consistently sleep on the right or the left cheek.

Osteopathy HKNatural Facelift without surgery