An osteopath in Hong Kong specialized in headache, sinusitis, tendonitis, and creator of the natural facelift…

Fabien Claude-Storz, osteopath in Paris, set his practice in 2010 in the heart of the fashion district at number 4 of the prestigious rue Cambon, the historic street of Chanel’s headquarters. This practitian has established his reputation with his talent, but also with his keen sense of innovation. He is at this day the only osteopath to have created an entirely hand-performed anti-aging technique.

“I have few tools : my hands of course, but also my anatomy knowledge base, a thorough study of my patient’s case, my experience and instinct. My interventions on the face and hands are as simple as effective. With my hands, I restore the subcutaneous muscles, which have become toneless over the years. This has nothing to do with magic, but the results always bluff my patients! Their faces are reinvigorated, as if they had beed resculpted, and this without the use of any product. Nothing more than my fingers.”

The objective of this osteopath -who gives the impression of coming straight out of Grey’s Anatomy with his Savile Row tailored blouses-, is to provide the best care to all patients, famous or anonymous. Beyond treatment, the osteopath performs a thorough analysis of the lifestyle of his patients. The goal is to eliminate all factors that may bring back the treated condition. Strengthened by his success in France, DO Claude-Storz now wants to offer his expertise to Hong-Kong. In october 2013 will open the first osteopathic clinic in Hong Kong : The Claude-Storz Clinic. Inspired by the codes of French elegance, the clinic will receive patients in a refined, contemporary and discreet environnement to treat effectively and permanently all conditions detailed on this website.

« As I have always done in Paris, I welcome my patients as I would like to be received : in a nice place, of course impeccably maintained with a competent and listening team. »

My work with athletes “Young rider in dressage, I liked to analyze the movements of horses, the positions of the best riders. Why ? Because it was the only way to become the best. I remember the long afternoons spent viewing videotapes of equestrian championships in my parents’ living room while reading books on horses’ physiology. Thanks to this intense practice throughout many years, I forged myself a keen eye in the analysis of movements, even at very high speed. Today, as an osteopath, this faculty of observation allows me to take in charge top athletes in different sports. My passion for human physiology leads me to search for my patients the best movement without difficulty or risk for the body.”

Osteopathy HK practice commits itself to :

- Admit you at the time of your appointment,

- Listen to you : before or after the osteopathic treatment you may have questions. We never leave the Osteopath office before answering all the questions and messages that patients have left during the day,

- Always explain the osteopathic treatment protocol and anticipate the different possible reactions,

- To constantly expand our knowledge through personal research, conferences and training to always be aware and offer you the most innovative and best-suited treatments,

- To always encourage our patients to continue their medical follow-up care and any additional medical exams necessary to determine the cause of their disorder. As an Osteopath, I will never discontinue an ongoing treatment and I have no objections to surgical procedures,

- We will not treat minors without the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

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